Monday, March 8, 2010


I am sure many of you have heard the song "1901" by Phoenix, whether you realized it or not. In the past few months since its release that particular song has been featured in several TV series and movies, mentioned several times on American Idol by the judges, and also featured in a Lexus commercial. The song is quite addictive.

I purchased "1901" when it was a hot new single, never having heard of the artist Phoenix. Several months later, and I decide to check out their whole album. Once again, I was at a loss as to why I had not been listening to this my entire life.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the album featuring "1901" is light, happy, amusing, jumpy, smooth and filled with pleasant lyrics and melodies. Highly recommended for an afternoon of chillin'.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Song is About You

I recently subscribed to 5awesomegays on YouTube. I enjoy their videos. One of my favorites of them is Joseph Birdsong (or disneykid1 as he is known in the YouTube world). Fitting his name, Joe is a music artist. His stuff is light electronic usually with happy beats and smooth lyrics. Not the most powerful music you will find out there, but good happy relaxation music after a long day (or during it).

A cool thing that he has started in 2010 is the goal of trying to release a new song and music video every month. So far he has. This is March's song and, as I have come to the party late, the first release of his while I have been paying attention. I really enjoy this song. While it is not the most dynamic or creative or unique or whatever it is still very pleasant and wonderful to listen too. He improves with every release, and I like supporting hard-working artists who are trying to make it. So check him out! This is March's song as I have said, but he has several other songs available on iTunes (with music videos on his YouTube channel).

And, if you are interested in fun videos, check him (or 5awesomegays) out on YouTube.


This Song is About You - Joseph Birdsong

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where You End - Moby

I don't know if you are a Moby fan. I am. But this song in particular captivates me so very much. I am deeply in love with it. This song moves in and out of my playlist, but at times, is the perfect fit for my mood.

88 playcount.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Republic Tigers - "Keep Color"

I have had the song "Fight Song" by The Republic Tigers for almost a year since it was featured in some TV show (I do not recall which one). I love this song. It gets me moving and my emotions pumping as well. I especially like it when I am angry. Perfect for that type of mood without being super I-hate-the-world-in-your-face kind of anger (although songs for that are good too).

It was only a month or so ago, during the start of the time where I decided a music discovery journey in which I look up and listen to albums of artists that I have purchased singles from (I know I am awesome). I have found some great music this way. I have no idea why I have stopped at just the single in the past. Oh well.

This was one of those albums that I re-discovered in a way and immediately fell in love.

I'd recommend it highly to you all! Give 'em a listen. As with all music, how will you know what you like if you don't go out into the world and test it all?

I am making it easy for you by giving you the name and links and samples! You can thank me whenever.

My favorite song from their album:

Buildings & Mountains

Sorry, I could only find a live version on YouTube. It is still pretty good, but check them out on iTunes or for a recorded version.

Fight Song

Again, I apologize for the poor quatlity live version. Ask me for a copy of the song in a comments if you want it!

Jay Brannan - In Living Cover

In Living Cover
Jay Brannan

Ever heard of Jay Brannan?

I first did from his appearance in the movie, Holding Trevor. Since then I have not heard much from him (I originally acquired his album Goddamed at that time).

He came back into my scope the other day when I saw this album of his linked to another artist I was checking out.

As the name of the album suggests, it is composed mostly of covers. Two of the songs are originals: Beautifully, and Drowning. I especially like these two songs.

All of the covers, however, are all very very good in my opinion. Brannan's soft and beautiful voice adds something to each of these songs. I enjoy them all very much.

Definitely an album to check out, whether you know of Jay Brannan or not.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


A quick note about Jeffree Star. Not everyone is a fan, and I definitely get that, but that gal is for sure fierce; You can't deny that. Personally, I go through Jeffree Star phases. Sometimes Star's CD Beauty Killer is on repeat, or like now, is in my car. Other times it is lost in the pit that is my music collection. Depends on my mood I guess. There is nothing cooler than blasting Star in your car in the summer with the windows down. Just putting that out there...

For the news: J Star's new EP comes out on the 16th. The EP will include the song "Blush" (although according to Star's Twitter the song will be out for v-day on Myspace and Youtube). The EP also includes a remix of "Get Away with Murder" by Morgan Page. Also on the 16th, the soundtrack for the upcoming MTV movie Turn the Beat Around, which includes a Star remake of the song Bad Girls, will be released.

J Star also starts the UK tour soon with Blood on the Dance Floor and a couple other groups. Tour dates have recently been posted on Myspace.

So if you are a fan, check on those things, if not, oh well.

I will have the EP shortly and will let you know more about it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Artist Profile: City and Colour

A coworker of mine played City and Colour's album "Sometimes" during one of our shifts a few weeks ago. I loved the entire album and immediately went home and downloaded it, as well as the newer album: "Bring Me Your Love." The singer has a truly beautiful voice which, matched with an acoustic guitar, is empowering and heart-wrenching.

Here is the Artist Breakdown:

City and Colour is the alias for Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, also known as the guitarist and singer of the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. He started playing under this alias in 2004. He plays acoustic and folk music, and is often accompanied by a varying number of musicians.

The band name City and Colour comes from his own name: Dallas, a city, and Green a colour. His reasoning for the name was that he felt uneasy "putting the album out under the name Dallas Green."

Green said that he had been writing material since he was around the age of 13. Regarding the songs released on his first album, Sometimes, Green said that he had been writing material for it throughout the course of his life, and finished writing songs for it in 2005.



Bring Me Your Love
Here are some of my favorite songs by City and Coulour:

For more information or to listen to City and Colour visit his website:

Let me know what you think of his music, or ideas for other music for me to feature in the comments below!