Thursday, February 11, 2010


A quick note about Jeffree Star. Not everyone is a fan, and I definitely get that, but that gal is for sure fierce; You can't deny that. Personally, I go through Jeffree Star phases. Sometimes Star's CD Beauty Killer is on repeat, or like now, is in my car. Other times it is lost in the pit that is my music collection. Depends on my mood I guess. There is nothing cooler than blasting Star in your car in the summer with the windows down. Just putting that out there...

For the news: J Star's new EP comes out on the 16th. The EP will include the song "Blush" (although according to Star's Twitter the song will be out for v-day on Myspace and Youtube). The EP also includes a remix of "Get Away with Murder" by Morgan Page. Also on the 16th, the soundtrack for the upcoming MTV movie Turn the Beat Around, which includes a Star remake of the song Bad Girls, will be released.

J Star also starts the UK tour soon with Blood on the Dance Floor and a couple other groups. Tour dates have recently been posted on Myspace.

So if you are a fan, check on those things, if not, oh well.

I will have the EP shortly and will let you know more about it.

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