Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Republic Tigers - "Keep Color"

I have had the song "Fight Song" by The Republic Tigers for almost a year since it was featured in some TV show (I do not recall which one). I love this song. It gets me moving and my emotions pumping as well. I especially like it when I am angry. Perfect for that type of mood without being super I-hate-the-world-in-your-face kind of anger (although songs for that are good too).

It was only a month or so ago, during the start of the time where I decided a music discovery journey in which I look up and listen to albums of artists that I have purchased singles from (I know I am awesome). I have found some great music this way. I have no idea why I have stopped at just the single in the past. Oh well.

This was one of those albums that I re-discovered in a way and immediately fell in love.

I'd recommend it highly to you all! Give 'em a listen. As with all music, how will you know what you like if you don't go out into the world and test it all?

I am making it easy for you by giving you the name and links and samples! You can thank me whenever.

My favorite song from their album:

Buildings & Mountains

Sorry, I could only find a live version on YouTube. It is still pretty good, but check them out on iTunes or for a recorded version.

Fight Song

Again, I apologize for the poor quatlity live version. Ask me for a copy of the song in a comments if you want it!

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