Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Song is About You

I recently subscribed to 5awesomegays on YouTube. I enjoy their videos. One of my favorites of them is Joseph Birdsong (or disneykid1 as he is known in the YouTube world). Fitting his name, Joe is a music artist. His stuff is light electronic usually with happy beats and smooth lyrics. Not the most powerful music you will find out there, but good happy relaxation music after a long day (or during it).

A cool thing that he has started in 2010 is the goal of trying to release a new song and music video every month. So far he has. This is March's song and, as I have come to the party late, the first release of his while I have been paying attention. I really enjoy this song. While it is not the most dynamic or creative or unique or whatever it is still very pleasant and wonderful to listen too. He improves with every release, and I like supporting hard-working artists who are trying to make it. So check him out! This is March's song as I have said, but he has several other songs available on iTunes (with music videos on his YouTube channel).

And, if you are interested in fun videos, check him (or 5awesomegays) out on YouTube.


This Song is About You - Joseph Birdsong

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